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welcome to gasrota
gasrota is a free anaesthetic / theatre rota system designed by anaesthetists, for anaesthetists

General rota
Information on theatres, surgeons and anaesthetists
Know exactly who is covering which list, and which lists are uncovered, at a glance.
Multi-site rota
Create rota for multiple sites within one organisation
Slot information
Modify details for each individual slot, including required cover level and comments
Rota coordinator homepage
Shows announcements, user's own rota and issues requiring attention
Standard users are only shown relevant announcements and their own rota
Leave requests
Individual users can request various types of leave
These are then approved/rejected by rota coordinators
Leave calendar
View all leave requests in easy-to-view diary format
Automatic approval of certain requests can be configured
Shift manager
Ensure you know who is covering which shift
Different shifts can be configured
Shift manager
Keep an eye on how many oncall shifts each user is doing
Ensure each shift has adequate cover, uncovered shifts are highlighted
User manager
Each user has multiple properties which can be changed
User manager
Set up rotations for trainees
This can also be used to map job plans for consultants/staff grades
Potential problems with your rota are highlighted to you
Example of user's own rota